8-1/2 In. X 2-3/8 In. Grapevine Brick Jointer With 1/8 In. Bit

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X 2-3/8 In. Grapevine Brick Jointer With 1/8 In. Grapevine Brick Jointer with 1/8 in. Bit provides a longer lifespan to your masonry tool. Great for the professional contractor, this tool is ideal for making a clean colonial joint.

Drop forged from high grade steel. Expertly balanced and securely fitted with a comfortable hardwood handle. Has a fully polished, milled face. Not intended for striking chisels or metal.

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This jointer is made from ultra high molecular weight polyethylene, which is abrasion resistant and durable. This item produces 5/8 in. weathered joints that are clean and precise. This type of joint allows water shed easily since the mortar is pressed inward at the upper edge of the joint.

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High quality, forged, carbon steel jointer, 1/8'' x 1/8'' square bead, Popular tool with masons for years, Two size blade widths per tool

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Tapered for sturdiness and correct flexibility, MARSHALLTOWN’s Tuck Pointers are made to create high shank and lift to give plenty of hand room. You get a DuraSoft? handle with an integral finger guard, DuraCork handle, or in hardwood with metal ferrule. The Tuck Pointer offers excellent durability and reduces fatigue. This product is Made in the USA with Global Materials.

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